What is Saline Leadership Institute?

It is a unique learning opportunity which brings together a diverse group of people who:

  • Develop skills to grow professionally and personally.
  • Establish connections that lead to productive resources for continued growth.
  • Develop a shared vision for a sustainable community.
  • Discover new ways and methods of looking at and understanding issues that lead to more effective work, social and family groups.
  • Learn to think “out of the box.”
  • Form solid relationships with other community members who realize more can be accomplished together than alone.
  • Acquire valuable knowledge to improve and sustain organizations.

Saline Leadership Institute (SLI) is not a lecture series. It is an engaging learning experience where each session builds on the previous ones to create a group of inspired leaders. The class also includes a personal leadership coaching component.

SLI combines the talents of experts to offer cutting-edge leadership training in an interactive and fun learning environment. Each session has a different instructor, an expert selected for their knowledge, skills and commitment to the Saline area. All help to build strong leadership qualities and a broader understanding of how teams work successfully.