Our Sponsor

SLI is sponsored by the Saline Coalition for a Quality Community (CQC). Saline CQC works to create a network of cooperation and interconnectedness that promotes wise use of resources to serve the unique needs of our community. This is done by assessing community resources, facilitating groups working together and acting as a community clearinghouse.

CQC was created in 1995 and is composed of a group of involved citizens who meet monthly to get updates from each member about their community activities and to dialogue about issues and possibilities for improvement. This group serves as an umbrella non-profit for start-up groups which are approved by the Directors as beneficial to the Saline area community. Groups that have operated under the CQC include:

    • PUPS (Pick Up the Pace Saline!) – A group dedicated to improving the health of our citizens through physical activity, smoking cessation and healthy food choices
    • PACT (Parents and Community Together) – A group that supports Saline parents and community members in working together to provide a healthy and drug-free environment for our youth
    • 24 Hour Relay – An event held each year during Memorial Day weekend which raises funds for DARE, SADD and MADD
    • SLI – Saline Leadership Institute
    • The Community Gardens
    • The Mayor’s Task Force on Domestic Violence
    • The Fifth Corner Teen Center
    • The Saline Area Sustainability Circle